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Use these amusing prank apps on your friends: Ranker Online

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Free Prank Calls: Ownage Pranks Have no fear, Ownage Pranks has you covered with its fantastic prank calling app with Fun Prank Apps if you lack the time or patience to come up with new prank ideas.

The Ownage Pranks app contains more than 100 prank scripts that have been turned into pre-recordings that are automated to send when someone calls; all you have to do is browse through their pranks to choose the best ones that are tailored to your buddies.

For instance, you might want to play the “Creepy Neighbor Dinner Invitation” prank on a friend who recently relocated to the neighborhood and hasn’t yet met the neighbors.

In the opening scene of this pre-recording, Dennis introduces himself as a neighbor and begs him to come over for dinner; if he declines, he will ominously demand table scraps.

There are 21 different prank dial categories to choose from; visit the “Neighbours” category for additional comparable jokes.

Pre-recordings are also very realistic because your friends wouldn’t know it wasn’t a genuine person on the other end of the telephone. The ‘Speech recognition technology’ AI in the apps, which can instantly analyze language while in use, is responsible for this realism.

The AI can identify keywords and even silence during phone calls; these adjustments guarantee that responses are supplied at the most appropriate times, simulating how a typical person would converse.

Additional Options in Joke Apps

Watch live prank calls and hear your friends’ amusing responses. Calls are recorded so you can listen to them again later. Prank calls can be recorded and sent to friends and family. View the Pranks Hall of Fame’s top reactions and submit your own. FUN PRANK APPS TASER PRANK STUN GUN With the help of this clever app, you can fool your friends into thinking they’ve just received an electric shock! It must be downloaded because there are so many beautiful designs to choose from.

So how does it function? When the app is running, all you have to do is touch your phone briefly to your friend’s body, and the phone will start vibrating and emitting a taser sound.

Although your phone won’t shock anyone, it does produce some wonderful jump scares and priceless laughter as a result. Of course, everything is in good fun.


Realistic and high-quality Taser sound Contact-induced vibrations that increase realism different voices and skins Voice-changing prank call on a VoIP phone Don’t worry if your voice is too recognisable on the phone to make a prank call; this app has you covered! By pressing a button, Voicy Phone enables you to instantly and efficiently change your voice.

A great addition for iOS devices, chipmunk, chipmunk robot, drunk chipmunk, and rapid mobster are just a few of the sound variations available.
These humorous sound substitutes not only make for amazing prank calls, but they also guarantee your complete anonymity.

Additionally, you can add extra voices and background noises to give the appearance that someone else is with you at a certain location. While background effects include an airport, a restaurant, and 911, external voice effects include Kiss, Sexy, Dog, and Crush.

With the addition of characters, you may create all of these effects in real-time and sound like a range of characters, such as prank your friends by pretending to be with your crush in a restaurant.

The most entertaining part of generating fresh and unique prank scenarios will be mixing and matching from the wide variety of available sound effects.
The options are unlimited, so combine and maximize till you are content!

Four voice options allow you to alter your voice. There are also more voices and background noises. Combine voices and background sounds as you see fit. POWER BUTTON CALL GOGOCALL One key element of the GogoCall- Power Button Call has shown to be highly helpful in real-world situations.

GogoCall is one of the top apps for this particular form of practical joke, which has been extremely popular in recent years.

While initially this may not seem noteworthy, GogoCall enables you to create a phony phone call to ring yourself at any hour of the day. This has excellent prank calling potential!

Let’s imagine you want to leave a dull party but need a covert way to do so. Simply arrange an incoming call and seem as though you are urgently needed somewhere else.

You are free to make up any excuse for your departure as long as it provides a plausible explanation because the phone call seems genuine.

By assigning a name, phone number, and photo to the caller, GogoCall also enables you to create a false identity for the caller. If your phone is locked, the incoming call will still go through once you have established your false caller by clicking the power button six times.

Extraordinary Qualities

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