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Volunteering Can Change Your Life in 5 Ways

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Have you ever given back to your community and noticed that you felt happier the remainder of the day? Even so, did you feel physically better?

Statistics show that there is a real connection between volunteering and general well-being. In fact, the United Health Group conducted a study shows that 76% of those who volunteered in the past year reported feeling healthier and a mood improvement of 94%.

However, I am too busy to volunteer.
How could I possibly help someone when my life is so hectic right now?

These are only a few of the reasons you might have for not volunteering, but after reading the next five ways it can enhance your life, I hope you will stop second-guessing yourself and sign up!

1. Volunteering Decreases Stress
In the same study described above, it was discovered that 78% of volunteers reported lower levels of stress.

Imagine having a positive attitude when you wake up on a Monday. You notice that you are in much better spirits than you were a few months ago and that you are feeling more optimistic about the important meeting you have coming up.

If you give even a little bit of time—just an hour or two—to your community, you can achieve these benefits!
2. You’ll Have Better Mental and Physical Health

Additionally, information about volunteering is available through the Corporation for National and Community Service. The following information could surprise you:

Volunteering by older persons was associated with a slower deterioration in health and functioning. Greater social integration was produced by participating in the community. Even fatality rates were lower in the volunteer population. Consider that you could easily put in over 100 hours a year even if you could only dedicate two hours to helping out at your local food pantry, church, or nonprofit organization .

Since you read about the most recent obesity rates or depression statistics almost every day, physical and mental health are crucial topics to bring up. We cannot expect to simply sit back and wait for these problems to go away since negativity permeates our entire existence.

It’s time to act now. Helping others is a great way to stay healthy.
3. It Increases Your Social Network

You are sure to make new friends when you volunteer, regardless of whether you are new to the region or just looking to meet some new people.

Having trouble getting a job? Volunteer.

Although you might not want to work for nothing, there are many advantages to doing so, and you might even make some valuable contacts that help you find your ideal career. In fact, the organization where you are helping might have a position open in the future for which you could apply. You are already proving to the management team that you are qualified for the position by exhibiting your desire to work hard and serve others.

Looking to connect with like-minded people?

People frequently volunteer in the communities that interest them. For instance, a sports enthusiast might sign up to be a coach at a nearby YMCA because it allows them to pursue their love while fostering the development of young people. After meeting other coaches who joined for the same reasons, they form a friendship based on shared interests. It really is that easy!

4. It Gives You Valuable Experience

The ability to relate to people in ways you previously couldn’t may help you get your dream job or promotion as well as a wealth of knowledge.

Let’s return to the sports fan who serves as a coach as an example. This person will now get knowledge about how to:
Take charge. Effectively communicate with all parties concerned (participants, parents, referees) Educate and coordinate actions Make timetables. And a whole lot more!
Finally, you’ll be able to list your experience on your CV and even request a letter of recommendation from your supervisor!
5. You’ll Gain More Self-Awareness

By volunteering, you can experience things that you might not otherwise have the opportunity to do at work. For instance, an office worker might join Habitat for Humanity and discover they like painting or building houses. If the worker had not volunteered, this wish might not have been detected.

The more self-aware you are, the simpler it will be for you to interact with others, form bonds with them, and establish yourself in other spheres of your life.

There are a ton of other advantages to volunteering. Check out Volunteer Match or get in touch with a nearby nonprofit organization for more details on how and where to volunteer in your neighborhood.

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