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What I Discovered About Life As A Poor College Student

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WHY EVERYONE SHOULD STRIVE TO GRADUATE FROM COLLEGE IN DECEMBER People frequently comment on how fast college and senior year pass. The senior year, though, flies by in a flash when it is only half the length. Along with the other millions of December grads, Shannon Hale is a senior who is graduating a semester early. Shannon discusses her own experience as a December graduate and why graduating a semester early is advantageous in order to get a jump start in the post-college world.

Shannon thinks graduating in December has a lot of benefits that many people overlook, despite the fact that many people cringe at the idea of finishing their time in college too soon.

Thinking about graduating college early? This argument for finishing school in December is full of solid reasons, including starting a career, saving money, and more!

A MORE MINIMAL COMMENCEMENT CEREMONY For instance, the ceremony is more shorter and more private. This makes the memorable moment of you crossing the stage to accept your diploma shine more brighter than during the drawn-out graduation ceremony in May. The extensive list of names you have never heard before will not be present at the December Commencement ceremony either. Your own name is less likely to be mispronounced if the list of names is shorter.

These, in Shannon’s opinion, are very significant benefits because, after years of effort and late-night studying, the satisfaction of receiving a graduation makes it all worthwhile.

Less graduates means that there won’t be as many people in the audience at the ceremony. Shannon says that this is a really good thing for your loved ones who want to celebrate your graduation with you. Your loved ones won’t need to compete for seats or look for supplementary tickets.

Additionally, you and your family won’t have to worry about making reservations for special occasions months in ahead. Due to the decrease in the number of graduates making reservations during the December commencement period, all of your favorite and most well-liked restaurants near your school won’t be as crowded.

Ordering everything from the cap and gown to the announcements and photos takes a lot of planning in advance of graduation. The majority of students will still be expected to pick up their products on campus, despite the fact that much of the ordering process for this is now done online. For December graduates, there won’t be nearly as much of a wait in line to pick up and order all of their graduation items as there would be for May graduates in the spring. This will not only save you time, but it will also make everything go much more smoothly.

RESCUES MONEY The money you will be saving when you graduate a semester early is one of the biggest achievements.

The college tuition itself, which typically costs thousands of dollars, is the most obvious way to save money. Shannon intends to pay her first few months of rent with the money she will save from forgoing a college semester’s tuition. This enables her to launch her profession with a strong foundation.

Many people forget that December grads can also save money in other ways besides just on tuition. Any fees associated with attending college, such as meal plans and housing bills, will no longer be required of graduates in December. Most courses now demand the use of textbooks and other supplies, which have increased in price significantly. However, December graduates won’t need to search for the best deal on their spring semester textbook purchases or rentals.

TAKES STUDENTS BY THE RIDGE Graduates in December not only benefit from their time in college, but also have a fantastic advantage that will help them in the future.

Graduating in December gives graduates a six-month head start on starting their next journey. This includes a benefit for graduate school applications, job searches, or starting a profession in the hopes of becoming promoted. December graduates might make the most of the less crowded graduation season to discover the ideal job.

Graduating early will not only offer you a good start on job applications, but it will also impress hiring managers. You might try to get someone to do my paper if you’re aiming to arrive even earlier. Shannon claims that as a result of her achievement in finishing a semester early, numerous employers have responded to her résumé and cover letter.

It demonstrates that these pupils are go-getters with a determined mentality that pushes them to start working as soon as possible. Recruiters are confident that this work ethic will carry over from college to the workplace.

The break from classes will provide students who want to go to graduate school time to study, get ready, and apply to their ideal grad schools. These pupils will benefit from concentrating only on their applications and test results. They will be well-rested, prepared, and ready to start their graduate studies on schedule.

Some students are lucky enough to have employment lined up or plans to begin their professions as soon as they graduate. After graduating, Shannon intends to start working in her field of expertise right away. It will be a huge advantage to have a full-time job for the first six months rather than being a student with a part-time internship to gather information, experience, and insight. Shannon and other students hope to receive promotions thanks to the semester head start, while her classmates will only be starting their jobs or job searches.

For students, graduating early by a semester might be unpleasant because of the rush. With senior events, final exams, job searching, and graduation preparation, the fall semester goes by quickly. But when you step back and consider the benefits of finishing a semester early, all the effort and worry seem to have been worthwhile.

Instead than focusing on getting ready for the next semester of classes, December grads can relax and enjoy themselves throughout the holiday season. The various benefits of graduating from college early will last a lifetime for graduates and will benefit them in a variety of ways.

The initial months following graduation provide the foundation for your future and job. Shannon advises her fellow December graduates to make the most of their time and this head start. Whatever line of job you choose, the world is competitive. Make the most of the opportunity because chances to obtain a head start or an advantage over your rivals are few.

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Shannon Hale is a passionate public relations professional that works hard and with dedication. Her favorite things include award shows, feature writing, and entertainment PR.

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