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What Shipping Method Is Best for Pricey Items?

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The shipping industry has always been a complex and huge industry. The epidemic and quarantines, however, made transportation and shipping quality an even more crucial subject. The strain was obviously on because the shipping procedures had to run well for the entire planet. When shipping expensive items incorrectly, it’s frequently not too difficult to replace the item. What transpires, then, if the thing is pricey, singular, and unreplaceable? Who do you consult? What do you focus on and keep an eye out for? It might surprise you to learn that many shipping companies, particularly those that operate internationally, avoid transporting pricey goods.

For the past 14 years, Unival Logistics has operated with flawless success. To meet the global shipping demands, they combine cutting-edge technology with their extensive knowledge. No matter the time of year or the weather conditions, Unival makes sure that your package reaches on schedule. Because we specialize in transporting expensive goods, you can rest assured that whatever your package is, it is in good hands.

We’re going to go over all you need to know in this section if you wish to ship a pricey item.


We must first identify the major threats to high-value shipments in order to comprehend the complexity of sending pricey things. The stakes are obviously higher with pricey products, but these are the usual worries when sending something from one place to another.

When being shipped, some high-value objects do have more particular needs. When it comes to shipping, one of the first risks is the weather. Surprises can still occur even though the weather is (relatively) predictable.

Because the company occasionally lacks access to the best transport trucks, the package or packages being sent may arrive damaged. But what does this imply for the most effective shipping method for pricey items?

It implies that before choosing a shipping firm, you should do some reading. Make sure to look through the reviews and find out the company’s reputation. You might wish to skip these if you notice that customers are complaining dents in their packages and other sorts of damage.

Human error is always taken into account and is a common occurrence in the shipping business. You don’t want your valuable item in the hands of a corporation that has a history of missing delivery dates, misplacing deliveries, etc.


What Is the Best Way to Ship Expensive Items

Making sure that your shipment has been correctly wrapped is one of the best methods to guarantee that it will arrive in one piece. Let’s face it, nobody like seeing a battered or damp and moldy package waiting for them at the front door when they get home. Verify their packaging policies before selecting a company to handle your costly shipments.

Inspect the boxes to make sure they are made of thick, solid materials, and confirm that the tape is of high quality. Ideally gummy tape, also called water-activated tape. Due to the crossed synthetic strands that have been woven into the tape, it is the strongest tape available. Additionally, it is sustainable.

USE CAUTION WHEN LABELING Additionally advised are double-boxing and keeping the box free of any markings or labeling. If your package contains any labels stating that the contents are expensive, your package may be stolen.


Taking out insurance for your cargo is one of the finest methods to ensure that everything will go according to plan with your pricey shipment. Never ever consider shipping a costly item without insurance. That is a surefire prescription for catastrophe.

If something goes wrong, you can submit an insurance claim to receive compensation for any lost, stolen, or damaged property. Don’t forget to make sure the receiver signs for the delivery as well as to have the option of tracking available.


What Is the Best Way to Ship Expensive Items

Another crucial point to remember is that not every shipping business will be able to deliver your item, depending on the projected value of the package. The majority of shipping companies will impose some sort of restrictions on the package’s financial value. Businesses typically take this action to avoid the commotion that results when an extremely expensive object disappears while under their care.

The most important piece of advise would be to study reviews carefully and confirm a shipping company’s reputation before hiring them to handle your shipment. It could even be preferable if you contacted customer support or wrote them an email outlining all of your worries or inquiries.

Nobody is harmed by double-checking, so don’t feel awkward or ashamed when you do it. It’s not always simple to choose the proper shipping firm, but when delivering pricey goods, you quite literally cannot afford errors, unprofessionalism, or anything of the like. If you follow these guidelines, both you and your pricey item will be safe.

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