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What Should I Know Before Trying to Get Sober?

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FREE PRINTABLE COLLEGE BUDGET TEMPLATE FOR STUDENTS If I said I had everything under control financially while I was a college student, I’d be lying. Just remembering how lost I was in figuring out my financial aid and what to do with the little money I had makes me giggle now.

Looking back, a college budget template would have been a huge asset in keeping me organized.

I am aware that many college students don’t really think about budgeting, yet it’s one of those crucial concepts that everyone should understand. It’s not as simple as obtaining an finance homework help . Without enough planning and financial knowledge, students risk graduating with student loan debt that covers their entire waist.

College Budget Template - Free Printable for Students | Looking for ways to save money, track expenses, and manage financial aid? These budgeting sheets for college students will help you do just that! Click through to get yours!

I want to provide this free College Budget Template Printable because of that (click to download).

I realize that occasionally you just need some direction to make sure you budget things properly. I made three distinct budgeting worksheets for college students in order to keep things organized: one for the overall budget, one for tracking costs, and one for tracking financial aid.

THE PRINTABLE COLLEGE STUDENT BUDGET SHEET You must be aware of all of your potential sources of income as well as any associated expenses in order to make the college budget template work for you. Keep in mind that the typical college student budget will vary depending on a number of variables! For instance, you’ll need to determine your tuition costs, financial aid you’ll receive each semester, the price of your dining pass, and other expenses.

I established the following categories for the costs:

Student fees habitation dining health (to be used for your health insurance, medication, and anything else that fits) Phone Car/Bus (some schools offer free transportation, so this may not apply to you) Fuel (again, if you dont have a car, you wont have to worry about this one) Insurance Other (the catch-all category for all your miscellaneous expenses) THE OUTLAY TRACKER Without a cost tracker, no college budget template is complete! These may be printed as many times as you like and used for purposes like:

monitoring the remaining balance on your eating card (possibly in the form of flex bucks) What you did with any further financial aid Maintaining your bank account Keeping track of credit card expenditures THE SHEET OF FINANCIAL AID RESOURCES In order for students to understand exactly how much aid they will receive for a semester, I have included an financial aid sources sheet in this college budget form. There are fields for the award’s name, value, type (such as grant, scholarship, or loan), and if repayment is required.

You’ll always know where your money comes from and whether you need to worry about paying it back in the future if you have a printed list of financial aid providers. Every semester, I would suggest printing out a fresh copy of this and storing any previous versions in a special folder. You’ll be able to keep track of how much financial aid you received over the course of your degree and any student loans that will need to be returned by doing this.

ONE LOVES A FREE PRINTABLE, RIGHT? This college budget template is intended for students, but it may also be used by people from all different backgrounds. Consider the expense tracker as an example. When it comes to keeping track of where my money goes, we could all use a little assistance.

I hope you’ll share this free budgeting printable with any kids you know! Together, let’s all become financially stable!
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