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When in college, should you get a car or take public transportation? Cons and Advantages of Each

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WHILE IN COLLEGE, SHOULD YOU OWN A CAR OR USE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? PROS AND CONS OF EACH College students must travel frequently, which makes choosing a mode of transportation a bit difficult.

Using public transportation or making the decision to buy a car on your own are two very distinct options with very different benefits and downsides.
Here is a summary of what each option offers so you can make your decision with the knowledge you need at hand.

CONS AND UPSIDES OF AUTO OWNERSHIP Simply put, compared to other modes of transportation, cars are the most convenient. You may simply sit in the driver’s seat and leave whenever you need to get from point A to point B without having to bother about timetables or schedules.

Cars can also be more affordable on an individual trip basis, particularly if you’re traveling great distances. Yes, gas prices may be going up , but this affects all types of transportation, and you’ll still have to fund rising fuel expenses through public transportation ticket fees.

The drawbacks of purchasing a car include the price of the vehicle itself as well as the cost of insurance. Of course, this is less important if your parents are prepared to help with the bills.

If you are concerned about your carbon footprint, the environmental impact may also be a concern. However, the relative eco-friendliness of public transportation may persuade you.

HOW TO GET CHEAP AUTO INSURANCE AS A MINOR Speaking of auto insurance for college students, you may avoid the high costs associated with insuring young drivers by comparing quotes from various companies. Sites like Cheap Insurance are ideal for this and, depending on your circumstances, will unlock all kinds of savings.

CONS AND PROS OF PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION Some of the drawbacks of relying on public transportation like buses and trains rather than an automobile have already been mentioned. This can be a little disorienting if you’re not used to adhering to a set of scheduled times when transportation is available.

Also less convenient and possibly more expensive is late-night or long-distance travel. Then yet, there are some adventures that you simply cannot undertake without a vehicle, and the excitement of a road trip with friends can truly live up to the iconic status it has come to enjoy over the years.

Nevertheless, there are several areas where public transportation excels above traditional autos. When you consider the total cost of car ownership, it might be affordable.

With public transportation, you only pay for the services you actually use, as opposed to needing to pay for insurance even if you don’t use your car very often.

Then there’s the fact that most public transportation providers offer significant discounts to college students while they are enrolled in classes. This significantly reduces the cost of daily transportation from point A to point B.

Additionally, it’s possible that you won’t even need a car because your college has a large campus, which would make owning one unnecessary. In the meantime, public transportation is available when you need it, and because so many people are being served, ties to educational institutions are frequently great.

LAST THOUGHTS In the end, it comes down to price and taste. This method offers incomparable freedom if you enjoy driving, have access to a car, and don’t mind obtaining cheap insurance.

You can manage without a car at college if you’re okay with the limitations of public transportation and you care about the environment.

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