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You’ve Been Ignoring These 10 Benefits Of Microsoft Teams App Up Until Now | Ranker Online

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It would have been very difficult to organize meetings, handle office work, and set up virtual classrooms during the Covid outbreak if it weren’t for apps and platforms like Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams offers ample advantages to handle webinars and coordinate the actions of professionals in the workforce.

Microsoft Teams is an excellent tool to use for synchronizing work planning. Teams have the ability to make your work go smoothly, regardless of whether you’re a working professional, a student, or simply a group of aspiring entrepreneurs that require a comprehensive workspace while working on your project. You are undoubtedly losing out on these Microsoft Teams advantages if you aren’t using Teams.

MICROSOFT TEAM BENEFITS Microsoft Teams’ positive aspects are out of this world, and they’ll make your job life so much easier that you’ll fall in love with it. You’ll adhere to it so easily thanks to it. Here are 10 advantages of Microsoft Teams that demonstrate how easily it directs a team’s collective efforts: –

NO NEED TO SWITCH It is quite annoying to switch between multiple tabs and then resume work that was put on hold. Thanks to the Teams app, which includes a collaborative workspace in just one location, these burdens have been lessened. You can group several tasks together in one location so that you can now hold a virtual meeting, share your screen, communicate, or transfer the necessary files in between.


The fact that Microsoft Teams doesn’t impede the crucial work process while chatting is one of its main advantages. In fact, it combines conversation with file sharing features, making it simple to keep everything in one location. Since the receiver can convert files into other formats if the link is supplied to them, you don’t need to export and transmit numerous versions of each file separately.

3. NO BACKLOGGED EMAILS Are you also sick of having a backlog of emails that make it difficult to find one in the midst of the chaos? No longer! Its conversation structure is supported by a sync, so you don’t have to look left and right.

The majority of the information can be exchanged or conveyed on the chat platform alone, negating the need to regularly compose a mail. Members of the team can also access Channels to participate in interactive discussions.

4. SPOTLIGHT THE RIGHT PEOPLE Another cutting-edge feature of Microsoft Teams is this. Focusing on the proper people who actually have to present something or ask something becomes unrealistic because people enter meetings at random.

However, Teams were able to overcome it. By using the Spotlight function, users can keep those attendees who are actively participating in the current discussion or meeting in the spotlight and in an expanded window on the screen. It comes in handy for situations like when a student is requested to present in an online class.

Remember that the presenter has the power to spotlight individuals. If you’re not a camera person, you can easily exit the Spotlight mode.

5. SPEAK UP AND GET REACTIONS Teams might choose to attend a meeting from behind closed doors if they find themselves getting a little uncomfortable in front of the camera. The ability of the speaker or presenter to interact with the audience in that manner becomes incredibly boring. They are only able to guess at how well the audience understands what is being presented or simply inquire about it in between.

This problem is quickly solved by the Teams’ responses option. Reaction emojis can be used by the audience to express their feelings and let the speaker know whether or not the conversation is moving in the intended direction.

Using Meeting Polls, which are comparable to Instagram Polls, is another approach to gauge the attendees’ level of interest. It’s a good approach to learn whether your audience is interested in learning more about a particular topic or what they would like to learn.

6. SIGN IN FROM MANY DEVICES It is not necessary to always have your laptop with you in order to attend meetings and stay up-to-date on information. By accessing your Teams account on other devices, you may continue the chat.

Whichever device you use to communicate with the team, you won’t notice any difference.

7. EASY INTEGRATION OF THIRD-PARTY APPS Microsoft Teams enables seamless integration with a wide range of third-party applications. It seamlessly integrates with a variety of programs, which makes aligning the work really straightforward.

8. AUTOMATIC RECORDING OF MEETINGS Microsoft Teams is a dependable platform that has done a great job of training its artificial intelligence to understand customer frustration. Any meeting held via the app has its recording instantly saved. In addition to the video recording, it also keeps the caption transcript, the attendance report (for the host), and any files that were distributed throughout the meeting. What more could one possibly want from such a platform?

9. UPGRADE WHITE BOARD Teams are provided with a cutting-edge whiteboard that has numerous template designs for a variety of talks. You are free to draw shapes, play videos, or other things on the whiteboard. Additionally, while presenting, you can mute notifications.

10. IT’S Better to Do Things Together

To add humor to meetings Teams have a variety of distinctive backgrounds and seating arrangements that provide the impression that everyone is seated in the same space. It’s such a good time that it makes boredom suffer. You must give it a try, and I can guarantee that you won’t be able to stop laughing either.

Everyone who need a collaborative workspace must look into the advantages of Microsoft Teams. Its scope is not limited to simply commercial entities or professionals. In actuality, it has a much stronger tendency to raise total workplace productivity.

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