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5 Fantastic Ab Exercises for Women

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Included are 5 AMAZING AB WORKOUT VIDEOS FOR WOMEN. When was the last time you didn’t come across a message like “Get a Six Pack Now” or “Miracle Supplement Gives You the Stomach You’ve Always Wanted” in an advertisement or link?

Even though these messages are right in front of us every day and we have tried everything, our bodies haven’t always changed the way the adverts claim they will.

I’m not here to promise that you will instantly develop a six-pack or that performing one workout for four weeks would give you the flat tummy you’ve always wanted. No, I’m going to tell you that it takes work, but if you persevere, it is doable. Over the years, I’ve discovered that performing just one exercise won’t completely change the way your body looks; rather, you need to manipulate your muscles and try several exercises to keep your core engaged.

I’ve put together this list of 5 fantastic ab exercises for women, along with the videos, to make it easier for you to get started.
By: Arya Ziai - CC BY 2.0 - Ab Workouts for Women

1. FITNESS BLENDER’S NO EQUIPMENT EXERCISES: ONE OF MANY AB WORKOUTS FOR WOMEN Because all of the videos are free and there are so many excellent workouts to pick from, Fitness Blender has become one of my favorite fitness channels. You may tailor the results on their website by using the filters (try typing in ab workouts for women and see what pops up). For instance, if you just have ten minutes to spend and want to work out your glutes, you can key in those information, and the search engine will bring you all of the movies that fit your requirements.

The video I’ve selected is just one of the fantastic ab exercises for women from Fitness Blender that I would suggest because it works your complete core, including your obliques. You’ll also receive a quick Pilates workout. A soft surface or exercise mat and 10 minutes of your time are all you need!

2. LOWER BELLY FLATTENER BLOGILATES Oh, those dreadful lower abdominals, which we ladies find so difficult to target. Fear not, Blogilates is here! Some females like to refer to it as the pooch, while others have simply given up trying to smuggle it in at all. A few months ago, I began working out with Cassey Ho, the creator of Blogilates, and I haven’t stopped since. She certainly has a cheery demeanor, but that can be helpful on days when you just want to give up.

Women’s ab exercises should concentrate on the lower belly because that is where many of us appear to have trouble with fat or simply general muscle definition. You’ll be guided through five efficient exercises in this video in only ten short minutes! If you discover that you are unable to perform the exercises as well as Cassey does, just try your hardest. You’re doing it right if you feel the burn, not agony.

3. JESSICA SMITH: FITNESS CONTRIBUTOR TO SHAPE MAGAZINE SHOWCASES STANDING EXERCISES I don’t know about you, but doing exercises on the floor all the time gets old for me. In order to spice up my routine a little, I made the decision that it was time to do some research and find some standing ab exercises for women. That’s when I discovered Jessica Smith’s fantastic 13-minute video of standing abdominal exercises. Standing allows you to use more muscles in your body, which might increase calorie burn. Additionally, you will be strengthening your balance, which is particularly important when you have to elevate one leg for a brief period of time.

Again, there is no need for special tools, and the time commitment is minimal.

4. GET READY TO FEEL THE BURN BEFIT VIDEO Women’s ab exercises should include a variety of moves to train all the core muscles, and this BeFiT video accomplishes just that. This video is accessible for free on YouTube and doesn’t need any additional equipment, just like the other exercises on the list. Ten minutes might seem like a little period of time, but if your muscles are burning and you’re unsure you can carry on, it might seem like a lot longer.

Keep in mind that change takes time, so be prepared to experience some discomfort in order to see benefits. What causes our muscles to ache? The quick explanation is that they must rip in order to mend and get stronger. Although you can’t totally prevent it, it does help to stretch and do a decent warm-up and cool-down.

5. NEED I SAY MORE ABOUT JILLIAN MICHAELS? The first four ab exercises I’ve included are quick and easy for women. I’m not kidding when I say that watching this movie will probably make you feel as though your insides are about to blow up. Yes, Jillian Michaels is a master at making you feel as though you need to scream to get through the full fitness regimen because she can make your body shake to an extreme degree.

With a duration of 35 minutes and 43 seconds, this one is lengthy. If it has been a while since your last workout, you might want to start with one of the shorter videos I have posted above. Prepare your mind for the Jillian Michaels video, those of you who are up for the challenge! For this one, mind over matter applies. Maintain your self-assurance, push yourself, and make sure you’re talking to yourself positively.

Our urge to exercise seems to be constantly thwarted by life. You could believe that adding something new to your already packed schedule is simply not doable, whether you have children, work a full-time job, or are busy with hobbies. Here are some additional strategies I recommend so you can work on your core without interrupting your daily activities:

Lay on your back like you would to perform a crunch when playing peek-a-boo with your child, and then have them stand by your legs. Say “peek-a-boo” while removing your hands and hiding your face. Go back to the floor and cover your eyes with your hands. Repeat. Rolling your shoulders back and holding your tummy in all day at work will help you maintain good posture. If it helps, repeat to yourself, “Abs to spine,” to remind yourself to sit with your core engaged. Perform some fast standing ab exercises, such a side crunch or a cross crunch, before you enter the shower. Always keep in mind that patience is essential.

It takes a lot of perseverance and resolve to get in shape. After practicing these different ab exercises for women for a week, you can start to get disappointed because you didn’t see any improvements. However, I urge you to persevere and give it time. You’ll observe that changes start to happen gradually. Make use of that as incentive to push through the challenging exercises and give those a shot that you might have previously written off.

Make the most of your five minutes of exercise, even if it’s just a quick five minutes before you have to leave for work. What are you waiting for? Exercise is a lifestyle choice that has numerous advantages and the power to improve your mood.

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