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Advice from a Senior for Upcoming College Freshmen

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A SENIOR’S ADVICE TO COMING FRESHMEN INCOLLEGE I am aware of how difficult the change from high school to college may be. It was only a few years ago that I visited.

I can still recall being anxious about whether or not I would be admitted to the college of my dreams. I can still feel the excitement of learning my roommate’s identity. I can very clearly recall how chaotic my first week of college was.

I want to take a moment to offer some advise from a college senior to all of you high school students and incoming freshmen because I am aware of how anxious you are likely to be about preparing for your first year of college. So, here are some pointers to help you feel better prepared for your college freshman year.

A Senior

1. DURING FRESHMAN ORIENTATION, GET OUT THERE AND MAKE FRIENDS Getting active during freshman orientation is one of the first decisions that actually affects your entire first year of college.

Everyone in your class is gathered together at this time, and they are all just as nervous about meeting new people as you are. I want to nudge you to be open and approachable rather than shy and reserved. Inquire about their names, hometowns, majors, and career goals.

Watching someone’s face light up when asked about their passion is honestly so much pleasure! Even if not everyone you meet during freshman orientation may end up becoming your best friend, it is comforting to run into a few familiar faces in your first few college classes.

2. QUICKLY CHOOSE A MAJOR Selecting a college major is something you should undertake as early as feasible during your freshman year (or earlier). Although you are not required to choose a major during your first year of college, I think it is crucial to do so as soon as you can.

Why is it essential?

So, if you haven’t decided on a major, you might enroll in classes that aren’t necessary for your degree. In other words, you can actually run out of room for necessary coursework during your four years of college and end up having to take additional summer classes, an additional semester, or even an additional year of college.

I don’t know about you, but I would choose to keep that cash in savings! I want to advise you to take solely general education courses during your first semester of college if you are truly undecided about your major. You should have no problems doing it this way.

3. Select the appropriate friends. Guys, I understand that making friends at college might be a little frightening. This does NOT imply, however, that you should accept partners who do not share your values.

You can make a lot of new acquaintances on college, I can assure you of that. The friends you keep have a big impact on your behavior, therefore picking the appropriate pals is crucial. Instead of having friends that undermine you, I want you to have people who push you to succeed in college.

4. Look for ways to participate on campus. As an entering freshman, becoming involved on campus was one thing that was very important to me.

I was aware that I didn’t want to devote all of my time to studying or to being in my room; rather, I wanted to get active on campus in activities I found exciting.

If you haven’t already, make sure to visit the website of your college to see if there are any clubs or groups there that you might be interested in. When you get on campus, get in touch with them to learn how you may participate.

5. CREATE A SCHEDULE THAT SUITS YOU Managing their schedule is a challenge for many college students.

I understand that you want to start managing your time effectively from the beginning because you are a good student who is already attempting to get ready for your first year of college! You need a calendar (that you will actually use, missy! ), a lovely to-do list, sticky notes, and a few colored pens for this, so get those things.

After that, you must experiment with your daily activities until you find something that suits you. You’ll genuinely want to follow your time management plan if you make it attractive, enjoyable, and colorful.

When it comes to preparing for your freshman year of college, I hope that this advice makes you feel a bit more at ease. As a major step as college is, I want to help you get ready. Want additional assistance getting ready for your college freshman year?

I have the ideal solution for you! In order to help you prepare for your first year of college, I recently produced a 100% free mini course. This free introductory course for first-year students is available right here. In this free course, I’m looking forward to seeing you!

About Me Selfie, which Samantha founded, provides students like you with all the information they need to succeed in college. Thousands of students have benefited from her writings, weekly email, and courses in order to succeed in college. She has been able to maintain a 3.8 GPA during the previous few years of college, develop wonderful friends, and have an incredible college career (all without growing any gray hairs!)! She is here right now to show you how to achieve success on your own terms!

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