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Are College Online Courses Harder Than On-Site Courses?

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10 MUST-KNOW ADVICE FOR STUDENTS ON A BUDGET TRAVELING When wanderlust strikes, it might be difficult to overcome. Your soul starts to feel restless; you must go outside. Can you hear Thailand’s beaches beckoning you? Maybe you daydream about Patagonia during your 8 a.m. class.

There is so much you want to see and do, but after taking a look at your bank account, you may decide to return to living vicariously through those Instagram travel blogs. On a student budget, going on the experience of a lifetime may seem like an impossibility. So now is the day, my buddy, that you figure it out. Here are ten suggestions for going on a tight budget.

Planning is key. Your trip’s preparation will make or ruin it. Yes, last-minute planning has definitely been done in the past. But if you begin planning your trip in detail at least six months in advance, you’ll save yourself a lot of hassle. This allows you plenty of time to accumulate cash and purchase a less expensive aircraft ticket.

2) ESTABLISH AND IMPROVE YOUR BUDGET You’re on a budget, right? Or do you want to check your bank account while keeping one eye closed? You must have a budget in place in order to pay for a trip, no matter how difficult it may be. Fortunately, there are lots of resources available to help you get started. an app is available for that, yes.

3. REDUCE THE COFFEE STOPS Gasp! I am aware that. On some days, coffee is the only thing keeping you from going insane. But what I’m actually trying to get at is that you need to take genuine action and cut back on your wasteful spending. Perhaps you’ll need to make your own drip coffee at home. Or it can entail making smaller grocery store purchases. You can temporarily forgo your favorite artisan chips if you really want to make this vacation happen. Remember, every dollar matters!

4) ALSO EAT FOR LESS When you’re traveling, food costs mount up rapidly. Investigate the city-specific Groupon page on your destination to save money when dining out. I used the Things To Do In Greensboro page to nearly cut the cost of every meal I had last month while visiting North Carolina. I now also utilize the one in Phoenix where I was raised.

5) THINK ABOUT TAKING A STUDY ABROAD Planning a complete trip might be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time traveling outside of the country. The majority of institutions provide the chance to earn some credits while away from home. There are many third-party programs you can apply to if your institution doesn’t. A excellent option to give your vacation direction and organization is to study abroad. Additionally, grants or student loans might be available to you to assist with financing!

6) RESERVE YOUR PLANE TICKET AFTER THE TRAFFIC TIMES Traveling is ideal during the summer. However, since everyone else is thinking the same thing, things can become a little expensive. Think about taking your trip in the winter. If that isn’t an option, reserve your seat for just before or after the busy season .

7) CONSIDER TRAVEL OPTIONS CENTERED ON STUDENTS College offers many benefits, too! There are many student-focused travel agencies available to reduce the pressure of planning. They assist you in bundling your activities and get savings on things like train passes and airfare. Don’t be scared to show off your student ID while you still have it to take advantage of those simple discounts.

8) JOIN A PROGRAM FOR VOLUNTEERS Volunteering is a rewarding way to travel. Many programs will provide you with food and housing in exchange for your time. This means that after you arrive, you will be responsible for paying for your flight and other incidentals. You may work as a construction worker, assist a local farmer, or even take care of tiny sea turtles! This is a fantastic method to save money and help others at the same time.

9) After reaching your destination, familiarize yourself with the locals. Let’s face it: without a little assistance, you will never truly veer away from the tourist trail, no matter how much research you do. Knowing the locals will help you discover the hidden beauties of the city. Additionally, less popular locations are frequently less expensive. Additionally, you could benefit from meetup websites that connect you with people who are willing to host you for the night. Just make careful to move slowly. Identify them ahead by using Facebook.

10) Use the train and bus. Traveling by train and bus will save you a ton of money, however it isn’t as pleasant or opulent as taking a flight to the next country over. Additionally, you’ll get to see a lot more of the countryside and have the chance to travel to small towns that you otherwise wouldn’t have.

Use your resources, please! Asking your experienced friends for guidance can teach you a lot, even if you’re traveling alone. If you’re traveling with a friend, rely on them to assist you with the finer points. And if you plan to study abroad, it doesn’t hurt to speak with a school advisor. There isn’t much that can prevent you from having a good time, except from careful preparation and packing. The last piece of advise I have is to occasionally step away from technology. Take your time and savor the fresh things you see.

Tips for traveling on a budget. Are you looking to take a trip, whether as a college student or adult, but don't have a lot of money to spend? Then these money saving travel tips are for you!

Bio of a Guest Author:

Colorado State University alumna Veronica Baas just relocated to Phoenix for her first post-college job opportunity, which involves simple coding and content development. She has lived overseas as part of a study abroad program, and she has traveled all of her life as a pilot’s daughter.

Veronica enjoys a full gas tank, khaki-clad men, and the Oxford comma. She detests most mornings, her addiction to technology, and dog hair on black outfits. On her website , keep up with her other writing and photography projects!


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