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Discover Your Fire to Find Your True Passion.

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Discovering Your True Purpose: Lighting Your Fire Well, I remember some of kindergarten like it was yesterday.

In order for us to narrate our short narrative using the words we were just learning how to write, my teacher provided us a piece of paper with writing lines on the bottom and a blank area at the top. She urged us to consider what we wanted to do when we were adults as she handed us the paper. When we had our concept, we were instructed to sketch a picture of ourselves actually executing it before writing a brief description of it.

I’m quite sure I once listed two separate occupations, but I was a kid and didn’t want to think beyond the box. By god, I was going to do two different things if I wanted to! I took out my crayons, scribbled the words “artist” and “teacher” on the paper, and then started daydreaming about this enormous dream I had.

I’m astounded by how much my hobbies and aspirations have evolved since that day and how they have entirely transformed into the life I lead today. Having ambitions that were always attainable and never too outlandish or unrealistic makes me miss being an innocent child. It was my time to genuinely believe that, as long as I had a passion for it, I could accomplish anything.

finding your true passion
Childhood Aspirations Become Underlying True Passions as We Grow Up

I’ve had numerous “what I want to be when I grow up” ideas over the years, including being a marine biologist, dancer, zoologist, scientist, figure skater, and others that I’m sure are floating about on papers or in journals.

Looking back, I find that many of my dreams were inspired by or partly based on things I had witnessed. I was shielded from the struggles that people in these professions face and the effort required to actually land a job in those sectors.

I didn’t understand how passionate I was about helping people until I was a teenager and got my first job. Because it sprang from the heart and not from external factors, it had a different vibe. It didn’t matter if other people liked it or not; it was something I did and enjoyed.

This is where I discovered that the first step to discovering your actual love is to be able to enjoy the activity independently of other people.

How to Discover Your True Passion

Finding out who you are as a person and what interests you have seems to include a lot of different factors. Unfortunately, a lot of people lose sight of their own goals because they are so preoccupied with trying to fit in or be like other people. Finding your genuine passion also fades when those dreams do.

The second stage in discovering your actual calling is to not be scared to cut paths through knee-high grass.

Why does that matter? It implies to occasionally forge your own route and enter uncharted area. It entails dipping your toe in the water and taking a risk where no one else has. I am aware of several small business entrepreneurs who have experienced this, but I am confident that they will be able to look back and appreciate the risk they took in order to pursue their true calling in life.

finding your true passion
What To Do If You Feel Lost?

Okay, so occasionally the solutions aren’t so obvious and you genuinely feel like you’re being tugged in a thousand different directions. Perhaps one morning you decide you want to start a blog, but the next you decide you want to enroll in a hairstyling program.

If you feel a little bewildered when it comes to discovering your inner passion, rest assured that you are not alone in this path. As someone who experiences satisfaction through a multitude of activities, I frequently catch myself thinking about all the beautiful things I want to do. Even while it’s not a terrible thing to have so many different passions, we occasionally need to focus our fire and discover its genuine source of desire. Here’s how to accomplish that:

Keep a notebook where you can list all the things you like and detest. To spot any trends in your interests and activities, you might even wish to keep a daily notebook for a month. Take a personality or career evaluation Have a friend or family member list all of your positive traits. How to Find Your True Passion Through These Questions

In order to discover our actual passion, sometimes all we need to do is sit back and think about our lives while concentrating on our innermost emotions. Asking yourself the following questions can help you reflect on your life:

What brings me the most joy during the day? What would you be doing every day if money weren’t a concern? Do you prefer working with others or spending the majority of your time alone? What conversational subject makes your heart race a little bit? Do you tend to become defensive or advocate for any particular causes when speaking with your friends? What do you consider to be your greatest assets? Weaknesses? What have you discovered from your prior employment or academic endeavors? How do you feel right now, psychologically speaking? What do you think happiness is? Does the scenario you’re in now fall within that description? These are just a few suggestions to get you started on the path to uncovering your inner passion and the fire that burns within you. You are capable of accomplishing wonderful things in this world. Don’t convince yourself otherwise.

Let’s set a goal for ourselves today to realize some of our dreams. What steps will you take to get there?

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