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Financial Tips for College Students from Recent Graduates

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WHO NEEDS A COMMUNITY WHEN STUDENTS ARE IN COLLEGE? Nothing is scarier than taking on significant issues by oneself.
I recall being a 17-year-old freshman in college, a thousand miles from home, with no friends, no family, and no established community.

I soon realized that if I wanted to enjoy my college years, I would need to locate a group of people who could relate to my situation without interfering with my studies.

I believe that occasionally students will overdo one or the other.

Some students think that college is all about having fun and making as many friends as they can, but others would rather spend hours studying in the library in order to get ready for their examinations the following week.

Every college student needs a group of people they can lean on during tough times. Consider it part of self-care! Take a look at why every college student needs a community and how you can get involved in one right now!

LOOKING FOR BALANCE IN THE COMMUNITY You’re likely to face a number of challenging situations as a college student. Consider a week where you have three tests or papers that are due. You frequently feel overwhelmed and on the verge of tears as you look at everything that needs to be done during this week, which seems to occur at least once per school year.

Even while it would seem like the ideal option to cram as much information as you can into a brief period of time, what does that gain you?

Exhaustion. Fatigue. Stress.
What a heated mess you must feel sometimes!

I strongly advise scheduling at least some time for community rather than pushing yourself to this stage. This may involve joining a yoga class with other students who can relate to your challenges, taking a study break with friends from your classes who might be up for a group study session later, or joining a Facebook group like the Sunflower Circle.

THE SUNFLOWER CIRCLE: WHAT IS IT? For college students who seek support leading a healthier and happier lifestyle, there is a Facebook community called The Sunflower Circle . If you’re feeling entirely confused, stressed out, and alone in not just college but also in your life’s journey, you’ll find in the group specialized discussion threads that promote self-reflection and positive mindset prompts.

The Sunflower Circle is a component of a broader initiative called the Sunflower Project that emphasizes the good things in life through community and appreciation exercises. This initiative, started by Sara Laughed, , will help you get closer to your objectives and aspirations by promoting optimism, balance, and self-care.

The good news? you can join the Facebook group RIGHT NOW and completely free.

Despite having graduated from college, I have still found this group to be really beneficial in terms of preparing my mind for job. Additionally, it enables me to converse with people that are experiencing similar things to what I did about my experiences.

There is a #GrowGratitude Instagram challenge in addition to the Facebook group! Please feel free to look at the daily prompts and upload images of anything for which you are thankful.

Building community in college through gratitude

OTHER WAYS IN COLLEGE TO FEEL LIKE A MEMBER OF A COMMUNITY Take some time to consider your interests if you’ve had trouble forming lasting connections. Then, find out whether there is a group or organization you may join on campus.

Nothing to be had?
Check to see if there are any weekly gatherings or workshops in your neighborhood.

Try reaching out to some of your classmates to see if they would be interested in starting a study group if you wish to remain on school premises but do not want to formally join a club. You may also attend a fitness class that you’ve never taken or just wander into the library at random and meet some students there.

There must be somewhere you fit in with all the other students here!

SELF-CARE COMMUNITY = Early on in college, I came to realize that I needed at least a few individuals I could call, chat to, or seek counsel from when I was feeling bad.

When I could connect with someone and simply let all of my feelings out, I felt so much better.
This was one method of self-care that I used.

I’m sure you still feel better when you have people you can depend on, even if you tend to be more of an introvert. Community is crucial because we all have the need to be loved and desired by others.

MY COMMAND TO YOU I want you to go out and find a group of people who encourage you and push you to be better every single day. Always keep in mind that you are welcome in the Sunflower Circle! It is a place with no judgment and a ton of encouragement.

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