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How To Locate A Fantastic Apartment That Is Ideal For College Students

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Essentials for college students’ dorm room cooking Living on campus is a significant part of the collegiate experience (and away from your family for probably the first time). Even if the majority of necessities, such as a bed, desk, and chair, are given, there are still a few extras that help your hotel room run a little better. I’m providing my list of essentials for college students’ kitchens in their dorm rooms because of this.

The views expressed below are all entirely mine.

THE ESSENTIALS OF DORM ROOM COOKING 1. SINGLE SERVE BLENDER You’ll value having a blender in your dorm room whether you’re between courses, looking for a quick and healthy meal, or just want a cool snack.

The Dash Sport Blender has everything you need and is the ideal size for tiny areas. Your to-go cup is made from the bottle itself once it separates from the base. They also give you a lid so you can bring your smoothie with you wherever you need to go, including to class or the gym.

sport blender
Here is a recipe to help you get some ideas:

a half-cup of frozen berries a half-cup of frozen peaches one banana (cut up into smaller pieces) 3 generous servings of Greek yogurt Milk (as needed, to help with consistency) a little cinnamon Honey (if you use plain yogurt or want to add a little extra sweetness) AIR POPCORN POPPER 2. An air popcorn popper is one of the kitchen necessities for dorm rooms that you might not consider.

Why do I need one of these when I can just buy microwave popcorn, you might be asking.

Even though I can see how it could seem more practical, the truth is that microwave popcorn 1) costs more over time and adds up, and 2) isn’t as healthy as freshly popped popcorn.

I used my Dash Fresh Pop Popcorn Maker the moment I unwrapped it (no joke). All I had to do was get my bowl out and start popping after purchasing a giant container of kernels at the grocery for less than $5 and getting my butter and salt ready.

Dorm Room Cooking Essentials - Popcorn Popper

It’s very easy to use an air popcorn popper if you’ve never done it before. Simply place the kernels in the measuring cup that sits atop the popper, then fill the machine with them and turn it on. You’ll have a fresh bowl of popcorn waiting for you in just a few minutes!

Additionally, as you wait for your popcorn to cook, you may put butter to the cup at the top of the popper; by the time your snack is finished, the butter will be nicely melted. After that, I enjoy adding a little sea salt before heading to my bed to begin a Netflix marathon (please tell me Im not the only one who has watched To All the Boys Ive Loved Before 20 times already).

GRIDDLE 3. The variety of foods that a griddle may be used to prepare will amaze you.

Do you feel like a breakfast spread? Add some vegetables and an egg, then cook until done. Make scrambled eggs, bacon, a breakfast quesadilla, and other dishes as well!

If you want a hot cooking surface that is compact enough to stow in your dorm room but powerful enough to cook your meal quickly, the Dash Express Griddle is a must-have.

HOT POT 4. No, you don’t use this pot to get yourself decongested while you’re sick (thats a neti pot, and they arent fun).

You actually need to have this because it’s a kitchen necessity for a dorm room that you never considered. You should also include this on your list if you recently graduated and are moving into your first apartment or house.

Since this device is completely functional.

It can essentially do everything, including heating up drinks, boiling water, and cooking rice. I have my basil plant ready for the homemade tomato sauce recipe above, which, by the way, comes with its own recipe book with every Dash appliance—how wonderful is that? (Im just trying not to kill the poor thing in the meantime).

If you want to purchase your own hot pot at Target, click this link!
5. AN AIR FRIEER These topics are currently practically EVERYWHERE, and I understand why.

Given that I’m from the South, I love my fried food. But when I had to have my gallbladder removed in 2012, I had to change how often I ate fried food or I would experience excruciating agony.

Thanks to this air fryer , I can prepare some of my favorite foods (hello, homemade chicken nuggets and French fries!) without using as much excess grease.

You won’t grow tired of cooking the same thing repeatedly because Pinterest is a HUB for air fryer recipes.
RICE COOKER, 6. Real conversation now, everyone.
Rice preparation has never been easy for me.

I worked so hard to find the ideal cook time in pans and pots, but I was never successful. I swear I followed the liquid instructions, but it never worked.

But a few years ago, I was introduced to the world of rice cooker cooking, and that experience completely altered the course of my life.

This is a fundamental necessity if, like me, you enjoy creating burrito bowls or pretty much anything else with rice. In fact, I’d definitely rank this and the above-mentioned sport blender as my top two cooking necessities for dorm rooms.

All you need to do is measure the liquid and rice, then turn on the stove. Everything else, including keeping your rice warm, is handled by the appliance.

Following my list of must-haves for cooking in a dorm room, I’d want to know which one is your favorite and what dish you’d like to make with it. Please share in the comments section.

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