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Making Money While at College Is Simpler Than You Think

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TEACHING FOR A GREATER PURPOSE BEYOND THE CLASSROOM I wrote this sponsored article on behalf of Teach For America for IZEA as their spokesperson. My views are the only ones that matter.

Although attending college has always been a dream of mine, there was a period of time when I had serious doubts about my ability to do so.

It wasn’t that I wasn’t a good student or that I didn’t want to; in fact, the reverse was true.

I struggled because no one in my family was able to help me with the college application process. While my friends were discussing college applications and dorm living with their parents, I was poring over brochures and packets, entirely unsure of what I needed to do to actually enroll in college.

I started a math lesson just as it seemed like all hope was lost, and it forever transformed my life.
One Teacher’s Influence
Mr. Robbins had a reputation for being a humorous but smart professor who always wanted the best from his students.

I detested math and had a history of failing to comprehend anything involving algebraic equations or complex formulas, so it was only natural that I felt anxious when I saw Mr. Robbins’ name on my calendar.

I had no idea that enrolling in his class would transform my life forever.

On the first day of class, I entered the building and immediately noted a significant difference in how everything was organized. Mr. Robbins had college banners and souvenirs exhibiting not only his alma mater but those of other pupils he had previously taught in place of endless charts and rules on the walls.

He made it a point to name the colleges on the wall as soon as his instruction period started, setting the expectation that we would all attend one of them someday soon.

At that point, I understood that Mr. Robbins was more than simply a teacher; he was also a motivator who knew how to open doors to countless opportunities through knowledge.

I accepted the challenge to earn a spot on his wall, and I don’t think I’ve ever worked so hard on a math assignment before. Mr. Robbins was always there to support me along the road, giving me advice at lunch and promising to write a letter of recommendation for me provided I persisted in my efforts.

The more he supported me, the more I worked to finally master arithmetic.

I can still picture myself looking at my grade as I opened my report card at the conclusion of the school year. I believed I owed Mr. Robbins everything because it was an A.

It Takes Just One Person

I received both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree thanks to the influence of one teacher. My desire to pay it forward and support students who were facing similar difficulties as I was even prompted me to pursue a career in education.

I am aware that I am among the fortunate. Numerous pupils probably don’t have access to the same opportunities that I did around the nation. Thankfully, my school upheld educational equity and made sure that every kid had access to the same education, regardless of their background. It’s encouraging to see more and more individuals getting involved in this vital social matter in our nation, which needs to be discussed.

Consider Teach for America, which aims to guarantee that all children grow up with quality educations that are full of opportunity, regardless of where they are from in the country. I’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of professors from this group, and I cannot express how much I admire them.

Teach For America recruits people from all occupational backgrounds and majors and discovers, trains, and employs great leaders as teachers in 52 regions around the nation. Yes, you can sign up without majoring in education.

Reasons to work for Teach For America

All teachers at Teach For America receive thorough training as well as continual coaching and development in the classroom so they may keep improving their teaching methods. It’s a fantastic opportunity for recent college graduates from various fields of study to advance both their professional skills and the lives of the students they work with.

The fact that many Teach For America alums hold prominent leadership positions across a variety of industries and continue to fight for children shows that the two-year commitment is only the start of an incredible journey to transform how our society views education. Because of the profound difference they can make in students’ lives, many people who join Teach For America fall in love with teaching and stay in the profession to this day.

Throughout my professional career, I’ve had the honor of witnessing several of my students achieve their academic objectives as a result of a teacher who inspired them and assisted them in bettering not only their academic performance but also their quality of life. Teachers are much more than just instructors; they are also mentors, leaders, supporters, and champions.

If every student had a teacher like Mr. Robbins—someone who pushed them intellectually while still believing in their potential—imagine how much better off our nation would be. Because I’ve witnessed the success stories unfold in front of my very eyes, I see Teach For America as setting the bar for that, and I can’t help but be thrilled when I hear about college graduates accepting this position and pursuing this opportunity.

learn more about teaching with Teach For America and see if it’s a good fit if you’ve thought about teaching or want to have an influence on the future generation. You might be taken aback to learn that you are just the kind of leader they are seeking for.

And if you had a teacher who had a profound impact on your life, please share your story in the comments below!
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