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HOW TO HELP A STUDY SESSION BE PRODUCTIVE How to have a fruitful study session is one of the greatest problems I encounter from college students.

There are good intentions to get to work, but something constantly seems to get in the way of producing outstanding work.
The temptation of distractions is what gets to some students. Others may experience weariness and promise to complete the task tomorrow.
Don’t give up if you find yourself on the same route as other college students who have struggled with productivity.
Try some of the advice below to help you get back on track!

How to Have a Productive Study Session - College students who need study tips should read this! If you struggle with procrastination and want to get better grades, then click through to read these student tips for success!

PRIOR TO THE STUDY SESSION, OUTLINE YOUR GOALS. Making objectives so that you have something to focus on is something I cover in my free course, Productive Planning. This is crucial if you have trouble motivating yourself since it makes you consider why you are actually here.

I am aware that many college students have objectives, but do they actually put them in writing?
Most likely not.
Recently, I read a remark that really got me to thinking: Unwritten goals are just hopes.
How accurate is that!?

Can you really expect to be held accountable for your objectives if you have a ton of them floating around in your head but haven’t put them in writing?

The majority of people are likely to say no.
The benefit of setting down our objectives is that it provides us a sense of direction (and accomplishment when we actually achieve them).

Grab some sticky notes, a whiteboard, or another item you’ll frequently see, and jot down at least one objective you have for the upcoming study session. You should also jot down any weekly or monthly objectives you have!

Check out Be a More Productive College Student in 7 Days if you need assistance creating your goals or simply getting started.

USE A PROACTIVE METHOD TO REDUCE YOUR DISTRACTIONS Look, even the best among us occasionally procrastinate. My favorite TV show used to divert my attention on several times (which I often regretted after because I would stay up late just to complete an assignment).

You must confront your diversions if you want to stop delaying.

This necessitates studying in an environment that is soothing to your brain, away from technology (including your phone if you’re one of those individuals who checks it every five minutes), and away from pals (if you tend to chat rather than actually get work done).

What precisely do I mean by that?
Finding a setting where your brain feels peaceful is what it means.

For me, the library was the complete opposite of that. When I went to the library for anything, I would always get a mental block. I’m not sure if it was the fact that I knew people could see me study or the fact that I couldn’t have some calming music playing in the background, but whatever the reason, I knew I wasn’t going to get anything done there.

To select the ideal spot for you, don’t be scared to get out and explore your school a little. Who knows, perhaps the hallways outside of one of your lecture classrooms will do!

Divvy Up And Take Over Be kind to yourself. Do not feel compelled to spend hours upon hours studying the same subject.

All of your cram sessions won’t likely be as effective as you had planned because your brain requires time to organize knowledge before recalling it later.

Consider varying your subject matter a little to counteract this mental strain. For instance, you might decide to spend an hour studying psychology before moving on to economics. You may also incorporate a little intermission where you have a snack, stretch, or check your technology (just make sure you set a timer so you dont stay on there for an extended period of time).

In order for your brain to have a chance to retain the information you are feeding it, you should mix up your studying a little bit. This will prevent you from dozing off out of boredom.

How to Have a Productive Study Session - College students who need study tips should read this! If you struggle with procrastination and want to get better grades, then click through to read these student tips for success!

Best Study Tips for College Students to Get Good Grades – RELATED
MAKE TIME FOR PRIORITY #1 EVERY TIME. You must be thinking what the top priority is.
Well, there is an easy solution. This is self-care.

When it comes to self-care, college students are arguably the worst. Many people lack sleep and consume far more junk food than is healthy because it quickly fills the stomach.

Unfortunately, if you don’t take care of yourself, it’s unlikely that you’ll have a fruitful study session because your body and mind won’t have the energy they need to stay alert and concentrated.

Read Practicing Self-Care in College if you need suggestions on how to maintain your health while in college.
A productive study session is possible (BUT YOU HAVE TO WANT IT) In college, the brutal truth is that you are your own worst opponent.
You cannot expect to do better both inside and outside of the classroom if you don’t try to improve what isn’t working.
Being productive necessitates initially going through some discomfort since you are literally breaking ingrained patterns that have been a part of you for years.

If you’d want additional information on how to manage your time effectively and become more productive, check out Stress-Free Scheduling, my in-depth course on the subject.

But for the time being, I want you to concentrate on just one action you can take right now to start improving your study sessions. Note that concept down, and then utilize it to gain momentum while you work on the remaining, possibly more difficult problems. You’ll eventually discover that you actually do have power over the procrastination and all the other distractions in your life that prevent you from having a fruitful study session.

Friends, don’t let your dreams go away. Make the effort now so you can benefit later!

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