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Why Online Dating Isn’t Working for You: 10 Reasons

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10 REASONS WHY YOU CAN’T FIND LOVE ONLINE With each passing year, online dating gains popularity. When you stop to think about it, the entire process has altered the dynamics of dating. In the past, you had to meet someone in person or get their contact information from someone you knew. Even though the first meeting could have gone well, you still had a lot of questions:

Do we share any interests or traits? What do they think about life? Is he or she driven? Do they seek a romantic relationship? The list continues forever.

reasons online dating isn't working
So perhaps that is why you tried internet dating.

I may be partial, but I have a tendency to believe there are explanations for why online dating isn’t successful for you. If you fulfill any of the following requirements, you may want to try again because you never know who might be waiting to meet you.

1. You haven’t posted any pictures (POSSIBLY ONE OF THE MAIN REASONS WHY ONLINE DATING ISNT WORKING) It never fails that someone will write to a lot of people and never hear back because they haven’t uploaded any images of themselves on the website.

This is without a doubt one of my top arguments against internet dating.
The likelihood of receiving a response will be much lower without a photo.
Women prefer to be aware of their conversation partners for the following reasons:

Safety to determine if we are attracted to them physically in any way. If you don’t have any images, do yourself a favor and get out your phone, take a selfie, and submit it. All it takes is that.

2. YOU AREN’T PROFILE-READING When I was using online dating, this was one of my pet peeves (fortunately, my tale had a happy ending, and I hope yours does, too!).

Despite stating sports in my profile and the teams I like, at least one or two males would always inquire as to which teams I supported. I get that you’re eager to send a message and begin a conversation, but at the very least lay the framework before you play the game.

You come across as more sincere and compassionate when you read profiles and briefly mention some of them in your first letter. It shows that you actually want to find out more about the individual.

3. YOU’RE BEHAVIOR IS DEPRESSED reasons online dating isn't working Again, someone always sends me a message like this:
I don’t know why no one is responding to my emails. I’m about ready to give up on everything.
Thrilling drama

I’m sorry to break it to you, but talking negatively about yourself will not lead to a date. Actually, it might frighten the other individual. Not someone they can be a therapist for, people use the internet to find matches.

It’s time for a break if you are actually so discouraged by the entire procedure. Yes, one of the reasons why internet dating doesn’t work is because of self-sabotage.

4. YOU SPEAK LIKE A COCKY Okay, other people might not mind this as much, but if this describes you and you aren’t getting any decent dates or texts, I would back off a little.

What pleasure are you going to have if you appear to be flawless and proficient in every aspect of life? Furthermore, because they strive to be more modest about their abilities, you probably made the other person feel horrible about themselves.

What I’m trying to convey is that talking about your skills is OK, but don’t force them on other people.

5. YOUR MESSAGES ARE AWFUL How many of you have received a mail that stated one of the following (or something similar):

What’s up? Hello, you seem fine. How are you? For many of you, this is the first impression of a potential match! There is no actual attempt to engage in a meaningful conversation here.

Read Online Dating: First Message Tips if you’re looking for advice on how to improve your messaging abilities.
At the very least, try to incorporate the following:

you, please What piqued your curiosity a query that probes for information about the subject that you’d like to know (that wasnt mentioned in their profile) 6. You are not responding in a timely manner. Here’s the thing: a huge number of singles use online dating, which may be both a blessing and a curse for you.

The advantage is that there are many options.
You are competing with them because of the curse.

Don’t be surprised if someone has already scheduled another date with you if they send you a message and you don’t respond for a week. Even while I’m not insisting that you reply immediately or even the same day, I would at least try to reply no later than two days after you received the mail.

Demonstrate your genuine interest in the other person by doing so. They have obviously noticed something if they are responding back. Don’t let the chance pass you by!


Why people keep messaging people who don’t react is something I don’t really understand. I can’t be clearer about why online dating isn’t working for you if this is the case.

It’s in the nature of the beast that some people won’t find you attractive. I guarantee that if you keep messaging the same person repeatedly, one of the following things will occur:

Continue to receive no replies. You will eventually receive a negative message from me with some harsh remarks. You’ll be stopped Save your time if the person isn’t interested. Concentrate your efforts on another person who might be a good match for you.

8. YOU HAVE A WEAK PROFILE Never considered that the failure of your online dating efforts could be attributed to your profile? Rethink that!

It’s important to have a dating profile online! When you fill one out, you don’t need to be a writer, but if you say something like, “I’ll fill this out later,” you are doing yourself a disservice. In this part, serious prospective mates will seek for information about your hobbies, what you want in a date, and activities you enjoy, so be sure to add those specifics!

Need support? Discover Advice on Writing Online Dating Profiles. Once you’re done, you’ll be an expert.
It’s normal to have ideas about who you think would make the perfect partner in your life.
short and vivacious?
tall and sympathetic?
It’s crucial to know what you want and need in a possible partner, but it’s equally crucial to avoid too limiting your search parameters.

Let’s imagine, for instance, that you have a list of 10 characteristics you’re looking for in a partner but they only possess nine of them (lets say they live within a 50 mile radius instead of 25 miles). Your extremely specific search parameters prevented you from finding someone who might have been a great match for you.

I know that many individuals don’t want to be in long-distance relationships, but extending your search by just 25 to 50 miles could give you access to a whole new group of people.

On a related topic, I wouldn’t go overboard with the eye and hair colors either; many people who say they love blondes really end up with brunettes.

If you are having trouble finding dates online, make sure that broadening your search parameters is at the top of your list.

10. You’re not being who you are. Look, we are all uniquely built. Avoiding coming across as someone you are not is important for online dating success. If you claim on your profile that you workout three times a week, but in reality you only work out once a month, your lie will eventually come to light.

Lies will eventually catch up with you and bite you in the arse.

I hope this list will enable you to identify the reasons why online dating isn’t working for you. Please don’t hesitate to share any experiences you may have in the comments section below!


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