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Women’s Home Workouts: A Sample Workout Schedule

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WORKOUTS FOR WOMEN TO DO AT HOME A SAMPLE TRAINING PLAN I started a fitness adventure in January 2017 without using a gym or expensive equipment. I spent a lot of time researching the best workouts for women to do at home because I wanted to practice fitness on my own terms.

There is something here for everyone, whether you are new to exercising or have been doing it for a long. To achieve results while exercising at home, you must be self-motivated and push yourself to your limitations.

There will be days when you don’t feel like exercising, and there will be days when you are ready to take on the world.
These fluctuations are typical.

Remember that consistency is key while you complete these at-home exercises for ladies. Make a schedule in advance so that you are aware of the exercises you must perform to achieve your desired results (see my sample below for an idea of how to structure it).

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STRENGTH TRAINING WORKOUTS FOR WOMEN TO DO AT HOME I adopted the idea that strength training would make me too bulky as a woman, which caused me to put entirely too much emphasis on cardio and not enough on building a strong, toned body.

In 2017, as I started my new fitness adventure, I made a promise to myself that I would try strength training. I’m so happy I did, too!

I started out using some non-adjustable dumbbells (I recommend these ), but as my power grew, I made the decision to spend money on the PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbell Set (the Sport ranges from 3-24 lbs. per hand and the Elite ranges from 5-50 lbs. per hand, with expansion packs available).

These dumbbells have already paid for themselves because I don’t have to worry about spending $30 a month on a gym membership because I watch free training videos online. I gulped a little bit when I made the first purchase, but I’m so happy with it that I haven’t second-guessed myself.

After covering the necessary equipment, let’s look at some strength training exercises you can try:

2-4 (never exercise the same muscle twice in a row) (HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING) HIIT/CARDIO HIIT exercises will become your new best buddy if you want to increase your metabolism and endurance. You’ll work up a good sweat with these exercises, which are frequently performed without any equipment.

A few HIIT exercises are:

Squat jumps Leap-frog jumps Jack-knife jumps tall knees However kickers Burpees You can always omit the jumping portion or adjust the exercise to better suit your needs if you have poor knees or wish to avoid it. Additionally, consider low-impact cardio exercises, such as any of the following at-home exercises for women:

Feeling artistic? Pick four of the following exercises, then arrange them as follows: twenty seconds on, ten seconds off (four times through for each exercise). Repeat after a break of 30 to 60 seconds. Warm up and cool down before, please! bodyweight squats Jack-knife jumps Do pushups slow squats Squat wide, then step to the side into a narrow squat while using the these resistance bands to feel the heat! Rock climbers Cycling crunches Lunges 1-3 HIIT sessions per week are advised (give yourself at least 48 hours to rest between)

CORE AND ABS It never hurts to include one or two sessions of core work in your at-home workout regimen, even if your core will be worked out extensively throughout a lot of strength training and aerobic activities.

I urge you to visit YouTube and select an abs workout that suits your demands and level of difficulty because there are a ton of fantastic at-home workouts for women there.

Before you begin, be sure to obtain a nice exercise mat. The fact that this extra thick mat shields my back and stops my spine from grating on a harsh surface is one of the reasons I enjoy it.

For your own short ab workout, try performing each of the following for 30 seconds on and 10 seconds off:

Russian bicycle crunch Crunch X with toe touch lateral hip lift (left) lateral hip lift (right) Plank (hold as long as possible) Your free workout plan begins here! Find your fitness motivation at home and exercise for free with these videos. Build muscle, lose weight, and feel good. I've also included a sample workout schedule to help you get started! #fitness

A SAMPLE HOME EXERCISE PLAN I’m giving the home workout program I like to stick to as promised. I occasionally skip a workout or switch up my routine to try something new, but I always aim to work out at least three days a week (with a goal of five most weeks).

You are allowed to adapt this routine to your personal fitness objectives! I also couldn’t recommend non-adjustable dumbbells 0 enough because they have over 500 free workout videos that you can utilize virtually anywhere (read my full review here). You can register for free and create a workout schedule to monitor your advancement.

I should add that I make an effort to have my workouts last at least 30 minutes. I rarely exceed 45 minutes, and I’ve had amazing success. It all comes down to your effort, good form, and a little bit of pushing past your comfort zone.

Sunday: Strength training for the upper body Monday: HIIT and/or lower body strength training Tuesday: Core/Abs (sometimes includes cardio) Wednesday: Day off upper body strength on Thursday Friday: HIIT and/or lower body strength Weekend: Rest Skip the gym! There are a variety of at-home workouts for women of all fitness levels that are readily adaptable to match your schedule and fitness requirements.

Everyone is not particularly disciplined, especially at home. So, how can you be active every day at home? I have a fantastic idea. Use non-adjustable dumbbells 1 on the wall to post inspirational sayings and training objectives somewhere you’ll see them while working out. This item has great aesthetic appeal as well as deep significance.

Here are a few of my preferred locations to locate them:
non-adjustable dumbbells 0 I’m putting it out there for you—jump in and get going right now!
non-adjustable dumbbells 2

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